Who We Are

Our Mission

Established in 2021, JonesTech is the virtual brick-and-mortar for freelance web development services based out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We aim to help individuals and small businesses get online to overcome the hurdles of Covid-19 and future pandemics, as well as the shortcomings of social media, where public reach is limited. We believe having a standalone website is the key solution to adapting and growing your business, especially with the competition of online retailers.

About the Developer

Nathan Jones

When I was a high school student, I had an interest in learning to code. There wasn’t a class, so I taught myself.

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I began my career in web development as a teenager in 2004. My first job was updating and managing websites for a local newspaper, here in South Dakota. I attended the University of South Dakota, where I cultivated many of the design and proofreading skills I use today. Over the years, I’ve built several websites for a variety of clients: schools, small businesses, artists, college grads looking for work, and others. At the end of 2020, I decided to finally pursue one of my dreams, and start offering web development services independently. Learn more about me on my personal website.

Technology Skills

The best solution is most often the simplest one.

The user experience begins with you, the client. During consultation, we keep it simple and easy; the focus is your specific needs. We rely on our competency in key technologies to identify the available options. We empower you by limiting the technical info, and explaining it in the simplest terms as needed. That said, the key technologies include the following:

Familiarity with Content Management, Hosting, Frameworks, Plugins, and More!

We are flexible, yet informed. WordPress being the preferred all-in-one platform, we can adapt when your needs call for something else. Some of the platforms we have worked with before include: