Jonestech offers all the services needed to launch a website and maintain it longterm.

    Types of Services offered:
  • Consulting Service
  • Web Hosting
  • Web Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Webmaster Service

Website Cost

A website can cost between $3,000 and $5,000 on average, and could cost as much as $7,000 out the door. A well-prepped business owner can find up-front savings and keep the development cost at around $2,500. The cost factor alone is enough for the budgeter to talk themselves into creating their own website with a tool like Wix, Squarespace, or Weebly. Some business owners will even go the extra mile and cultivate some basic programming skills in order to get their business online. Unfortunately, most of those owner-created websites never get published, and those that go live usually don’t have all the desired features or do not meet all business requirements. That’s often where Jonestech steps in to support.

What You Get

Our business model is focused on simplified solutions for specific needs, and we aim to provide polished, cost-effective websites that outlast expectations. We are happy to design simple landing pages, as well as implement a wide variety of features. Examples of features we can implement include:

    Example Features & Functionality
  • Scheduling and booking apps
  • eCommerce capabilities
  • 3rd party payment integration
  • Online chat service
  • Image galleries
  • Search engine functionality
  • User account database
  • vBulletin or other forum service
  • Linking & embedding social media content

We accomplish that by offering a few simple package deals, and by offering work at a la carte rates. The services we offer are listed below, but if you have another need, please contact us with your inquiry and we would be glad to help.

  • New website development
  • Redesign & Touch up for existing websites
  • Hand-coded or WordPress
  • Feature implementation & upgrades
  • Website Maintenance & Webmaster services
  • Website/Data Migration Services
  • Consultation

Jonestech offers Two Tiers of Website Development

WordPress Development

WordPress offers an out-of-the-box solution that carves out a significant amount of development time to the added benefit of an overall lower dollar cost in getting your website published. By deploying WordPress as a content management system (CMS), a series of development tools are made available to build and leverage a template theme to meet your business website’s needs. The amount of options available to customize your website is limited by WordPress’s capabilities and the plugins that support additional features, but the end result gives the owner the ability to manage their own content as needed. These conveniences come at a cost, however: WordPress has to be updated and maintained regularly in order to ensure the website will function in the longterm, and to be compliant with your web hosting agreement. Additionally, the ability to implement new features may be hindered, or may require a custom development at a higher cost long term. As part of the initial consultation process, you will be asked about your business needs, and Jonestech will advise full-scale web development if it’s suspected that WordPress will not meet your specific needs.

Full-Scale Web Development

Full-scale web development basically means that your website will be hand-coded from scratch. The end result is a very lean (no unnecessary features), very fast, secure website that does exactly what is intended with minimal maintenance or updates needed. Features such as 3rd party software can be seamlessly integrated into the website while maintaining a professional look. Additional customizations are possible: events and animations can be scripted to make your website stand out from competition, or to implement features to make your website more enjoyable and useful for its users.

What is required in order to make a website?

There are two key assets that must be secured up front before any development work can begin. Jonestech works with clientele that are in different stages of preparation, some who may already have these assets. For those who are just getting started, we can consult clients to come up with a high quality, unique domain name and advise on selecting an appropriate domain registrar. Additionally, we can advise on a 3rd party host selection, or alternatively, Jonestech hosting is available for clients as part of a new offer!

Domain Name

A domain is simply the web address ( that will be used to access your site. This is a separate business cost and is a requirement to development.

Clients who have an existing registered domain through a site-building service, such as Wix, should also be aware that their domain will need to be transferred to a proper domain registrar as a requirement to development.


Hosting is the web space on a server where your website files and assets will be hosted. Technical configurations must be established so that when users visit your domain, they are served your website. It’s critical to ensure that your host will be able to handle the intended capabilities of your site, and also be able to handle the amount of traffic it will receive. This is also a separate business cost and is a requirement to development, like the domain.

Additional Project Dependencies

Once a domain and hosting are secured, development work can begin after a client consultation and a deposit. Clients must provide the images, text, logos, and graphics content that will be displayed on the site. Jonestech offers graphic design services on a separate estimate upon request.

Web Development Process

Jonestech websites stand out from their competitors by placing a strong emphasis on two key aspects of development: planning and testing.

Everything Starts with a Plan

The most difficult aspect of making websites boils down to the key decisions to be made that will govern everything about the project, including its cost. To that point, web development can become a costly endeavor, and therefore, to ensure the work will yield a minimum viable product, Jonestech produces a project plan for all development work to be completed.

Before any code is typed or any graphics are designed, a project plan will be drafted with information provided during the initial consultation meeting(s) and additional input from the owner as needed. As the first deliverable, your project plan will give you peace of mind, it will eliminate the mystery about the work to be completed, and it will empower you to make the necessary decisions that are tied to budget constraints, timeliness, and overall quality of the product. Since each project plan is custom tailored, you can expect the plan and its details will be scaled appropriately to your specific website, and as a project deliverable, it could take anywhere from 1 week to 1 month to produce. You can expect the following details to be included in your plan:

  • List of requirements to be satisfied by the website
  • List of software integrations/solutions to meet requirements
  • Defines prices and costs
  • Defines scope of work
  • Provides a statement of work to be completed
  • Estimates timelines and defines their dependencies
  • Identifies responsibilities for project dependencies

The project plan deliverable you will receive is in fact the culmination and end result of the entire planning phase of the project. In order to produce the deliverable, a significant amount of time and consideration goes into research and development and discovery of potential solutions and options. By prioritizing planning itself as a deliverable, clients have the option to reduce the scope of the project or make other changes as needed before any development work begins - as long as those decisions do not impact the project’s key dependencies. Alternatively, it gives clients the option to potentially hire another developer or team, or even perform the work themselves, for instance, with a no-code solution, if so desired.

Testing Ensures Appropriate Outcomes and Quality Assurance

Jonestech views testing as integral to its approach to web development. In order to ensure that your website will work on a variety of devices, and on different internet browsers, a test-driven development paradigm is followed throughout the entire development process, in contrast to the traditional approach of reserving time at the end of the project exclusively for testing. This way, the testing can ensure that the website proactively reduces the amount of troubleshooting needed when a problem occurs, making your website manageable and viable in the longterm, and eliminates critical defects before the website goes live.

    Comprehensive List of Services
  • Technical Consulting
  • Identify Technical Business Requirements
  • Project Management & Planning
  • Market Research on software platforms
  • Flowchart or process flow design
  • Define workable solutions
  • Graphic Design Services
  • Logo Design
  • Design New Logos
  • Redesign a Provided Logo
  • Digitize a Logo for Web
  • Graphics Production
  • Design New Graphics for Web/Print
  • Redesign Provided Graphics
  • Digitize a Provided Graphic for Web
  • Photography/Image Edits
  • Photoshop touch-ups and adjustments
  • Prepare image files for web
  • Development Services
  • Full-scale, full-stack web development
  • HTML Webpage development
  • CSS Stylesheet Development
  • JavaScript Event scripting
  • Backend Event Scripting (PHP or Python)
  • Database Development (SQL)
  • Deployment & Configuration of Content Management Systems
  • Web content and layout configuration
  • E2E Software/Service Integration
  • Technical Assistance
  • Debugging and resolving end user website issues
  • Updating and troubleshooting WordPress and associated plugin services
  • Webmaster Service (site content management)
Disclaimer: Right to Decline Work

In order to guarantee the quality of work, Jonestech retains the right to decline work from potential clients, especially when the work requested is unlawful or the work requested lies outside of the specialization of services offered. Jonestech reserves the right to decline work that is outside of the planned scope for the project as defined in the plan. Furthermore, to afford the opportunity to all clients for change requests prior to a site go-live, Jonestech reserves the right to decide what types of change requests will be accommodated in order to meet the targeted go-live timeline, and which change requests are separate from development at an additional cost as a webmaster service.

Website content, including information, text, images, photography, and video, are to be supplied by the owner or to be outsourced to a third party by the owner, and to be treated as a project dependency according to the plan. Jonestech is not responsible for missed timelines when a project dependency is not provided by the agreed upon date in the project plan. Jonestech is not liable for copyright infringement, and the owner assumes all liability for copyright infringement of material on their website whether knowingly or unknowingly provided. Jonestech will not publish a website with known copyrighted materials, and Jonestech is not liable for website takedowns associated with copyright infringement or illicit/illegal materials. Furthermore, as part of the service agreement, owners agree not to publish copyrighted or illicit/illegal content when their website is to be hosted by Jonestech.